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Williamson, Paul



Research Areas

full name

  • Paul Williamson


  • Paul and his family attend Newtown Baptist Church. In his spare time Paul enjoys sea-side walks with Karen, reading fictional novels, and officiating or playing competitive basketball.

    Paul is married to Karen, and they have two sons: Matthew and Andrew.

author of

  • academic article

    • The Pactum Salutis: a scriptural construct or scholastic mythology?
    • Historical Roots of the Gospel
    • Covenant: the beginning of a biblical idea
    • Abraham, Israel and the Church
  • blog posting

    • Tattoos: A Spiritual Taboo or a Matter of Conscience?
  • book

    • Death and the Afterlife: Biblical Perspectives on Ultimate Questions
    • Sealed with an Oath: A Biblical Theology of Covenant
    • Abraham, Israel and the nations : the patriarchal promise and its covenantal development in Genesis
  • book chapter

    • Snakes and Dragons: a Neglected Theological Trajectory of Genesis 3:15 in Scripture?
    • What was said through the Prophet(s): Matthew’s use of the OT
    • Destruction or Transformation? Earth’s Future in Biblical Perspective
    • "Because he loved your forefather" Election, Atonement, and Intercession in the Pentateuch
    • Promises with strings attached: covenant and law in Exodus 19–24
    • Promise and Fulfilment: The Territorial Inheritance
  • reference source

    • Covenants
    • Introduction and notes on Exodus
    • Joel
    • Canon
    • Land
    • Abraham
    • Circumcision
    • Covenant
    • Covenant

editor of

  • book

    • The Seed of Promise: The Sufferings and Glory of the Messiah. Essays in Honor of T. Desmond Alexander
    • Exploring Exodus: Literary, theological and contemporary approaches
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