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  • A recent survey found that teenagers believe caring for the environment is more important than caring for the poor. As Generation Z grow up, it is becoming increasingly important for to equip our congregations with a biblical approach to environmentalism.

    My conversation with Lionel Windsor, author of Is God Green? tackles these complex issues of greed, politics, exploitation and our accountability to God. Lionel doesn't shy away from challenging us, as Christian leaders, to keep our eyes on Jesus and clearly reminds us of the responsibilities and freedom we have in Christ.
    We discuss some of the following questions:

    • Can you be a Christian and a miner?
    • Will God hold us accountable for the state of the environment?
    • Who should we vote for?
    • What type of causes should we encourage our congregation to financially support?

    I hope you take this opportunity to think seriously about how the people in your sphere of influence are approaching the environment.

publication date

  • July 30, 2019