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Grimmond, Paul

Dean of Students


full name

  • Paul Grimmond


  • I came to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour at the end of year 10 in high school, and I have been growing in my understanding of what that means ever since. In recent years that has particularly meant learning that it is in suffering that we become more like our Lord. I am so thankful for my own family and for my church family at St Matthias, Centennial Park who are continually helping me to understand this more fully. I have a real love for seeing people know God and grow in him through the ministry of the Scriptures and am so thankful for the joy of being able to work at college and watch students grow in character and resilience, preparing themselves to be sent into the harvest field. I’m also thankful for God’s gifts of music, photography and books (which I occasionally get the opportunity to enjoy).

    Paul is married to Cathy and they have three children: Anna, Ethan and Joel.

author of

  • book

    • Suffering well: the predictable surprise of Christian suffering
    • The Archer & the Arrow: Preaching the very words of God
    • Right Side Up: Life as God meant it to be
  • book chapter

    • Letting the Word do the Work: A Constructive Account of Expositional Preaching.

editor of

  • book

    • Theology is For Preaching: Biblical Foundations, Method and Practice
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