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Kuhn, Chase



full name

  • Chase Kuhn


  • I joined the faculty in 2016. Prior to coming to Moore I served on the staff of St Thomas’ Church North Sydney. I grew up in Southern California and studied theology at California Baptist University, then Beeson Divinity School in Alabama, and finally travelled to Australia to complete my PhD through the University of Western Sydney on the doctrine of the church in the writings of Donald Robinson and Broughton Knox. I lecture in theology and ethics and enjoy helping students see that theology leads to worship.

author of

  • academic article

    • The Ecclesiological Influence of T.C. Hammond.
  • blog posting

    • Good Grief
  • book

    • The Ecclesiology of Donald Robinson and D. Broughton Knox Exposition, Analysis, and Theological Evaluation
  • book chapter

    • Theology for Preaching, Preaching for Theology.
    • In Defence of the Big Idea: Key Questions for Clear and Faithful Preaching.
    • Figural reading within contemporary theological interpretation of Scripture: problems and parameters
    • The Priesthood of All Believers: No Mediator but Christ; a 'New' Shape to Ministry

editor of

  • book

    • Theology is For Preaching: Biblical Foundations, Method and Practice
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