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Höhne, David

Academic Dean


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full name

  • David Höhne


  • As a child of former CMS Missionaries, I had the privilege of growing up in a home in which following Jesus meant serving him, the church and the world. In 1979 I ‘went forward’ at a Billy Graham Crusade meeting in Sydney because the Lord graciously revealed to me the cost that he had paid for the life I was enjoying. My wife Amelia and I met as students benefiting from the campus ministry at UNSW. After graduating we committed our lives to serving the Lord together and entered Moore College in the early 90s. Since then we have served in Anglican churches in Sydney, Canberra and the UK (honorary). From 2007 we have lived with our daughter and sons in Newtown serving at Moore and in the local church. I love the smell of rain after a hot day, the sound of God’s people singing his praises, the look of joy on someone’s face when they learn something new, the taste of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies and the feel of a new book.

author of

  • book

    • The Last Things
    • The Spirit and Sonship: Colin Gunton’s Theology of Particularity and the Holy Spirit
  • book chapter

    • Always Reforming? Reformation and revolution in the Age of Romance
    • Moltmann on Salvation
    • The Spirit’s Perfecting Work on the Emotions
    • The secret agent of natural causes: Providence, contingency and the perfecting work of the Spirit
    • Ancient Words on Embracing the Excluded
  • sermon

    • What is the secret to true progress? – Luke 8:1-25
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