The mistranslation “call yourself a Jew”: A myth-busting story (Romans 2:17) Audio / Video uri icon


  • This is a story about a scholarly myth and how I had the chance to bust it. I’m talking here about a small but significant 20th century biblical translation: “call yourself” instead of “are called” in Romans 2:17. I’m writing this story here for people who are interested in the Bible, but who aren’t perhaps familiar with the technical jargon of New Testament Greek scholarship. I’m writing it to help you get a bit of a feel for how biblical scholarship works (and doesn’t always work), and to help you read and/or teach the Bible better. Anyone who wants the full technical details can check out my newly-published technical journal article, where I show all my working. But here, I’m deliberately trying to explain the issue using accessible, non-jargony language (I’ll use a few technical terms, but I’ll explain them as I go).

publication date

  • March 30, 2021